Reading Cultural Capital

At Dean Field, we take every opportunity possible to enhance the cultural capital of our learners and equip them with the knowledge and experiences needed for society. One way in which we promote cultural capital via reading is by providing and exposing our children to a range of texts, from different genres, that have been written by authors from a wide range of backgrounds. We spend time looking and learning about authors of the books we read in English lessons and the books that are in our Repeated Text Libraries so when our pupils leave Dean Field, they have a breadth of knowledge and understanding about famous authors and literature. In the future, they can then build on this and eventually have the ability to engage with high culture literature.

We also take pride in our vocab rich environment that runs through school from Nursey to Year 6. Our pupils are constantly surrounded by and encourage to use adventurous vocabulary that will add to their repertoire of words. Our ‘Word of the Week’ approach also provides children with cultural capital as it adds to and widens their bank of tier two vocabulary and encourages them to use more sophisticated words in their everyday dialect. Another way in which we add to the cultural capital of our pupils is by providing them with a weekly newspaper. The weekly newspaper allows them to apply their reading skills to a non-fictions text and it provides them with opportunities to engage with current affairs in society. In addition to this, we provide our pupils with cultural capital by inviting authors and poets into school to work with our pupils.