What’s On

Parents and Families, what’s on?
At Dean Field Community Primary School we work really hard to involve you in everything we do. All of our class events and involvement information is accessible on your child’s class page and via Seesaw.

We are running our coffee mornings again this year and the first one is taking place on 13th November 2019, starting at 8:50am with a focus on toothbrushing and healthy lunchboxes. Please keep a look out for the confirmation of the next coffee morning. We’d love to see you in school for a catch-up!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Parent Week this year. It was a great turn out and lots of children, parents, family members and friends had lots of fun learning about what we do at Dean Field.

The week included:

  • Art workshop
  • ICT and E-Safety workshop
  • Early Reading and Maths Learning Walk
  • Phonics Workshop & Story Cafe
  • Maths Workshop
  • Movement & Games
  • Topic Learning Walk
  • Bulb Planting Workshop
  • Coffee Morning: to devise a lunchbox policy together

Alongside sport’s day and typical school activities, we also regularly organise fun events which you can attend with your child to complete workshops and activities.
Below, is what is on offer this academic year. If you’d like to attend please keep an eye out for the information letter to reply to closer to the date of the event. There may be other events taking place which are yet to be confirmed, we will update you via letters and Seesaw with this information. Unfortunately, sometimes events cannot take place for certain reasons. If this happens we will inform you of the changes and do our best to accommodate the workshops for you.

Event When
Woodland Clock Craft 5th February 2020
Science Workshop for parents 1.30pm – 3pm
16th March 2020
Make a Gift for Someone Special 19th March 2020
Easter Crafts 1st April 2020
Reading & Phonics workshop 9pm – 10.30am
22nd April 2020
Soap Carving 18th May 2020
Art workshop for parents 1.30pm – 3pm
8th June 2020
Make a Gift for Someone Special 17th June 2020
Gardening Workshop 30th June 2020
Please look out for future letters and invitations closer to these dates so you can complete the relevant forms to attend.