Cultural Capital  

Cultural capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. It is about giving children the best possible start to their early education. (142, p31 Ofsted Early Years Inspection Handbook, Sept 2019)

At Dean Field we look to use the curriculum to enhance children’s experiences and learning at an early age by utilising different opportunities in school and within our wider community.

Within each topic we provide children with experiences which support them to develop skills when socialising or ‘being’ in the real world. We also take advantage of any opportunities to visit our local community to take part in what is happening around us. Alongside this, we model appropriate play, learning and behaviour in different weather contexts and have a new tier 2 word wall to encourage children to extend their vocabulary.

So far we have enjoyed…

      • Visits from our local police officers, exploring their uniform and vehicles.
      • Visits from our local dentists, along with borrowed resources to role play. working in a dentists, this helps us to understand why we brush our teeth every day in school.
      • Walks and trips out into our local community and to local parks.
      • Taking part in charitable events such as Reindeer Runs and Race for Life.
      • Visiting different EYFS settings to join them for lunch and watch their shows.
      • Writing our own Christmas cards and delivered them to the local post-box to send home.
      • Taken part in lots of different baking and food tasting.
      • Explored the snow in safe ways, taking risks where appropriate.
      • Hosted a pirate day.
      • Taken part in World Book Day in school. We then visited WHSmith in Halifax to spend our book voucher.
      • Creating our own Easter bonnets to showcase at our parade.
      • Picking fruit off of the trees in our grounds to wash and eat for snack and to cut up and use for print painting.
      • Hosted a Nativity to family, friends and other local EYFS settings.

At most opportunities we invite our parents and carers in to join us to take part and share ideas on how we can support at home too. This is also shared between parents on our Seesaw page.

We are looking forward to more exciting experiences this term!