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Design and Technology at Dean Field School is taught purposefully in all year groups to allow children to safely develop their skills, work independently or in teams and become creative problem-solvers & makers. Our DT curriculum gives children the opportunity to design and make ‘something‘ for ‘somebody‘ for ‘some purpose‘.

We teach design and technology during specific weeks twice a year linked to the national curriculum objectives for that year group. Within our DT projects we set the scene with a design brief that is relevant and gives the children a purposeful context. Children are then given the opportunity to look at and evaluate existing products and designs, considering designs from the past, and deciding on how to improve them. Considering the design brief and aspects learnt from existing designs, children create their own initial designs, evaluate them and then pull ideas together for final designs. Within this, children may test different materials, create prototypes or use computer-aided software in their designs. Children are then taught their final product as per their own designs. When the product is complete children with evaluate against the design brief, and also share with peers and people linked with the brief.

For the half terms without a DT week, we have a stand-alone ‘MasterChef’ day to cover the Cooking and Nutrition part of the Curriculum. We link these objectives with topics they are learning to have strong cross-curricular links such as, cooking and nutrition we link to our class countries and healthy food choices. We also focus on food safety & hygiene, healthy eating, where food comes from and seasonal foods.