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At Dean Field Primary School, we believe that design and technology should be taught in all year groups to prepare children to be independent, work in teams and become creative problem-solvers.

We teach design and technology during specific weeks twice a year linked to the national curriculum objectives for that year group. We also teach Design and Technology during our topic lessons when an objective lends itself well to that learning focus.

Children at Dean Field are encouraged to be creative whilst designing products with a purpose for the correct audience.

We link these objectives with topics they are learning to have strong cross-curricular links such as, cooking and nutrition we link to our class countries and healthy food choices.

As a school, we monitor the progression of Design and Technology in a book, which evidences the teaching and learning and follows them throughout school. This is used to inform differentiation, support and challenge the children whilst showing the progression of skills and knowledge applied and still to be embedded. Design and Technology is also monitored through observations and pupil interviews to ensure children enjoy their learning whilst making good or better progress.