What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio and simple parent communication tool. At Dean Field we use Seesaw in many different ways to enhance our curriculum, allow pupils to take ownership of their learning and to invite parents into a virtual learning world where they can see their child learning, making progress and succeeding.

Why Seesaw?

When students are truly engaged in learning they find what lights them up, conquer the tough stuff, and open new doors.

Teachers tell us engagement soars when students choose how to demonstrate their learning, when their work feels meaningful, and when they can see their progress. When teachers feel energized and supported, and when they have the insights they need to meet students where they are. When families can support their child’s development throughout the year.

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Seesaw in Action

Seesaw for families

Since we introduced Seesaw in 2018, we now have around 95% of our pupils with a parent/carer/other family member engaged in their learning on Seesaw.

Here’s what some of our families think about Seesaw…

“I enjoy using Seesaw. It is lovely to see what the children are doing at school. It helps me understand the level my child is at when we are doing homework. My children like to see themselves on Seesaw when I show them. It is so much easier to speak to a teacher. Also it is confidential so no one is listening to a private conversation.”

“I absolutely love Seesaw and being able to see what my two girls do at school throughout the day and what they get recognised for in the classroom. Being a working parent and my children going to breakfast club, I don’t always get the opportunity to speak to a teacher, but with Seesaw I can always message the teachers with any problems or concerns I have and they reply when they get chance.”

“Seesaw really helps me engage with my children about what they’ve been doing in school. I also love how easy it is to get a message to teachers and other staff.”

“I love Seesaw, it enables me to see what my child is doing throughout the day. I can send a message directly to my child’s teacher or the headteacher and they always respond. I can upload pictures and videos of achievements outside of school for my child to share.”

“I like being able to see letters and newsletters on Seesaw to keep up to date with what is going on in school.”

“As a Grandparent, I appreciate being able to see the day to day activities at school. I appreciate that it involves an awful lot of time and effort from the staff but I think it is so worth it.”

“Being a nurse and a mother to a child on the SEND register working long and unsociable hours, having Seesaw means I have a direct line of communication with his teaching enabling me to keep up to date with my child’s learning.”

“I love that I can see things that I would normally miss out on like school plays and assemblies.”

“Seesaw is a great talking point at home as I can see what my children are learning about in school and chat with them about it at home.”