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At Dean Field Primary School, we believe that it is important for our pupils to learn and explore faiths and beliefs so that they understand the world around them. We provide them with opportunities to develop critical and reflective skills to support them in discovering their own journey of purpose and meaning.

Our RE curriculum is designed to address the lack of knowledge and understanding of diversity in our local community and we strongly believe that it has the potential to contribute towards the community cohesion in our local area and, ultimately, shape the society for a better future. We want our children to appreciate diversity so that they can respect communities beyond their own.

As we are living in a world where young people are exposed to many conflicting and persuasive ideas, we deliver our RE curriculum with the intention of helping students address and challenge issues by giving them the tools to analyse and question issues for themselves and develop their confidence to articulate their own point of view.

Our whole school RE overview is based on key questions and pupils are taught to critically think about answers and solutions which enhances their understanding of the world as well as cultivating mutual respect and tolerance for others. There is clear progression from EYFS to year 6 so that when pupils leave Dean Field they have a breadth of knowledge on religious education preparing them for the real world.