Same Day Intervention

Same Day Intervention (SDI) is an approach to teaching maths that is used in years 3, 4 and 5 at Dean Field. Teachers adapt their classroom style based on Shanghai methods, for example, using frequent modelling and an ‘I do, you do’ approach in initial class teaching.

After a 30-minute lesson, pupils answer some questions independently. This is called a diagnostic. They then have 15 minutes of accelerated reading time (see reading curriculum) while the teacher marks their answers using a rapid marking code. The remaining 30 minutes of the lesson is an intervention session, where the teacher groups children together based on how they answered the questions so that they can efficiently address common misconceptions. Children who require intervention receive quality first teaching from the class teacher. Children who are ready and able move on to orange and red reasoning and problem solving challenges. The aim is to use the additional support to ensure that all children reach a certain level of understanding by the end of the day, preventing an achievement gap from forming. This approach is proving to be very successful.