Supporting Our Community

As part of Black History Month we also strongly support our local and wider community in raising the profile and participating in shared activities. We produced work with the North and East Halifax Blog to encourage other schools and people in the community to share their activities and take part in Black History Month. We also worked with the Calderdale representative for Stand Up To Racism by taking part in their activities too.

Calderdale Stand Up To Racism Letter

Supporting our Local Community Blog

BHM Early years -Onua Project
1) Flags of Africa

As part of Black History Month, children were asked to research their countries flag
and explain what the colours/symbols represent.

2) My country in 60 secs

As part of Black History Month,Faith shares interesting facts about Ghana where
grandparents live. She also shares with her brother, other interesting facts about
other African countries and challenges other children to find out more interesting
facts about African countries.With over 60 countries in Africa and the Caribbean
altogether, one would never know what amazing fact they could discover in 60
seconds . Enjoy!

3) Anansekrom with Miss Nana

In many parts of Africa, all the stories and tales are named after Kweku Ananse the
spider but how did this happen? Let’s join Miss Nana as she takes us on an
adventure way back in time to discover how this came about. Happy Black History

4) Hawk and Hen
A story delivered as a puppet show