Ten Town

Ten Town is a progressive and unique early year’s scheme used in Nursery and Reception. It is designed to develop children’s number sense and improve their number recognition and formation. At Dean Field, Ten Town slots in well to our mastery approach of teaching mathematics as all children are exposed to the same mathematical input to enable confidence building within the maths subject and for idea sharing and mathematical conversation to take place. In Reception the planning is devised into 4 sections: Comparison, Counting, Composition and Change. These sections are taught repeatedly over 2 weeks in regards to one number. This is so children are continuously building on different mathematical concepts throughout their time in Reception, ensuring they are ready to embark on mathematical learning in Y1. Alongside their input children have daily access to a maths area and different mathematical challenges through play. The children can also access Ten Town at home using their personal log in details. If you lose these, please see your child’s class teacher.

Meet King One, Fiona Five, Sir Seven and all their Ten Town Friends as they bring numbers alive in exciting animations, games, activities and even their own online TV channel – Ten Town TV!

Click here to watch the first episode of, where’s Freddie Four?



Nursery’s King 1 (one) provision area.
Reception’s Nina 9 (nine) houses made with nine cubes.
Our Ten Town wall friezes.
Working on our number facts to 6.