Virtual Sport’s Week 2020

The continued learning of physical development and children’s mental well-being and health is important to Dean Field. As sports day 2020 fell within the lockdown dates, each year group contributed towards a whole week of sporting activities that were adapted both for children at school and home. During the lockdown we were able to continue to do this via Seesaw communication, videos and timetables indicating the daily sporting activities.

In order to engage children both at home and in school to participate, three activities were planned each day along with a given record sheet. This enabled pupils to track their own progress and share it with school via Seesaw. This led to a healthy competition between the pupils which encouraged them to attempt to beat their own previous scores

For each day during the event, staff posted video tutorials of the activities to be completed, these were shown in school to each class while also being available to watch on Seesaw at home. This level of interactivity between home and school additionally led to children posting their own videos of themselves completing the activities. In result of this, a great level of engagement came from the children which included words of encouragement and congratulations.